Visits and Courses with Colleges


As training for ordination changes and develops across the Anglican Communion, the Anglican Centre organises courses and study visits for theological colleges and seminaries from all over the world.

These courses are tailor-made, enabling the visit to tie-in with the courses being studied back at the seminary. Where possible, the Director will guide the students through the modern mission of the church in Rome and ecumenical relations between the churches, while the Revd Marcus Walker helps students fall in love with the history and art of the city.

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We have organised study visits from Virginia Theological Seminary, Berkeley DivinitySchool, the Seminary of the South West, Ripon College Cuddesdon, St Mellitus, Ming Hua Hong Kong, Youth Ministry Leaders Hong Kong, and the Church of Ireland Theological Institute.

"It was so powerful to have actual contact time at both the Vatican, with Catholic ordinands, and also with the other communities that we were able to visit. This diversity of groups merged into such a short trip made it a real high impact visit. To have the guidance and counsel of the team at the Anglican Centre gave extra value to those meetings as they were able to share the context of where those relationships had started at - bringing an unexpected depth to each of the meetings." St Mellitus, London, study visit 2016

"The Anglican Centre made a two-week pilgrimage/immersion trip meaningful and worthwhile. They invited our group of 14 into the very center of their space and work. They fed us quite literally and spiritually.... I am now telling anyone planning a visit to Rome that they MUST visit the Anglican Centre – especially on a community Eucharist day. The Centre’s work to fight human trafficking is amazing; they helped us understand the dire straits of more than 30 million people...The Centre offers life changing and enriching experiences. I am grateful to have been able to visit the Centre." Linda L. Dienno, Director of Development, Virginia Theological Seminary, study visit 2015

Read the reflection of the Revd Dr James Harding and some of the students St Mellitus after their first study visit in 2014.

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