The Governors' Five Year Plan

The following has been identified by the Governors as the work on which the Centre should focus in the coming period.

Promoting Christian unity in a divided world

Being a presence in Rome

  • Being the symbol and embodiment of the Anglican Communion’s commitment to the vision of the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church of Jesus Christ.
  •  Through the Director of the Centre, maintaining a representative presence of the Anglican Communion and the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Promoting the newest ideas and most helpful developments in Anglican – Roman Catholic relations, both in Rome and across the world

  • Supporting ARCIC, IARCCUM, the national Anglican-Roman Catholic Commissions and other ecumenical networks and institutions.
  •  Offering Receptive Ecumenism courses and colloquia that use comparative theological, sociological, business, anthropological, philosophical teachings and practices to learn from each other.
  • Developing colloquia that explore Anglican understandings of Catholicism, and Catholic understandings of Anglicanism.
  • Distributing these courses, practices, model relationships, liturgies, and study guides around the world.

Collaborating and brokering

The Anglican Centre will use its close, rebuilt friendships to serve the Communion by:

  • Brokering joint endeavours, including study and practical mission projects.
  • Building effective structures for common action.
  • Being a focal point for facilitating Anglican collaboration with the offices of the Vatican, especially the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of Christian Unity.

Continuing to be a place of worship, hospitality and education for everyone by:

  • Sponsoring courses and help for pilgrims and course takers.
  • Welcoming and supporting pilgrims and travellers with advice on accommodation, restaurants, shopping, bus routes, papal events, etc..
  • Offering a quiet place of spiritual and intellectual renewal for sabbaticals, meetings, and study.

Communicating fresh ideas, best practices, and stories about the varied and rich daily life at the Anglican Centre in Rome

  • Reporting systematically to the Anglican Communion, especially to the primates and targeted leaders, to tell the stories of what we are doing to promote unity in a divided world, and what we can be doing for them, in Rome and at home.

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