News from the Anglican Centre in Rome

November 2011 Volume 17 No 2
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ARCIC III  Receptive Ecumenism at the Anglican - RC International Commission

Alyson Barnett-Cowan, Director for Unity, Faith and Order at the Anglican Communion Office, describes the first meeting of the third phase of ARCIC. Its members came, she says, with a mixture of excitement, anxiety and curiosity, and left with an awareness of the need "for an attitude of openness and self-criticism, as well as gratitude for the gifts of God shown in the other". More


Is Interfaith the new ecumenism?

In the light of the Day of Reflection, Dialogue and Prayer for Peace and Justice in Assisi (October 27th) interfaith specialist Celia Blackden writes of the difference between commitment to full Christian unity and the need for "mutual understanding and enrichment in obedience to truth and respect for freedom" which underlies inter-religious dialogue. More

Letter from Rome

Director David Richardson writes of his work, and the role of the Anglican Centre, in representing the whole breadth of the Anglican Communion. "Telling our story", he says, "listening to others, discussing, arguing, building relationships - in Rome and around the world - is the stuff of our ecumenical endeavour."  More


Curia, curiosity, conferences and ceremonies
Australian Ambassador to the Holy See Tim Fischer describes his role; and there's a welcome to the new British Ambassador Nigel Baker.  More


"The most influential book in our language"

Pauline Croft celebrates the King James (Authorised) Version of the Bible's "extraordinary achievement: religious, but also literary, cultural and international." More


Tuesday Eucharist at the Anglican Centre  

Tuesday Eucharist is a defining moment at the Anglican Centre, and it featured large in the spirituality of Abby Serfass from Ohio during her year in Rome. More

Sabbaticals and Courses
Information about up-coming courses and what the Centre can offer. More

Fruits of Mississauga
Bishop Stephen Platten and a Vicar in his Wakefield diocese in England describe their local steps towards Growing Together in Unity and Mission. More

Missional ecumenism at the margins
Miraculous signs of unity are beginning to appear in the slums, the jails and the streets of Latin America, writes Nate Bacon, who discerns the Holy Spirit "stirring in fresh ways to bring unity from the 'bottom up'."  More

Diversity and Power
On his retirement from leading USPG, the London-based Anglican mission agency, Bishop Michael Doe analyses  power within the Anglican Communion, and hopes that we may be willing to "embrace diversity and refuse to exercise power according to the ways of the world", in the belief that God will lead us together into something new.  More


Scenes from the Centre
Visitors to the Centre have included Cardinal Koch, President of the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of Christian Unity, Roman Catholic Bishops from Australia, and a pilgrimage group from Melbourne. More

Supporting the Centre by prayer and giving.
Details of Governance, Staff and Friends  More

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