What we do 


The Anglican Centre in Rome is a resource of the entire Anglican Communion. We offer Rome some of the richness of the Communion in our presence, and especially in our library, and we offer the Communion the opportunity to experience Rome and encounter Christians of other denominations here and around the City. These hopes were summed up by Michael Ramsey when he blessed the Centre in 1966. You can read his words here. 

The Anglican Centre in Rome has been made possible by the generous support of Anglican Provinces all over the world. What will be its future? It will provide a library of Anglican books so that people in Rome who so wish will be assisted in the study of Anglican theology, spirituality, liturgy and history. In this way it will servce the spread of knowledge and understanding which is an essential part of the oeumenical movement. The Centre will also be the residence of the representative of the Archbishop of Canterbury in Rome. Since before the opening of the Second Vatican Council the Archbishop of Canterbury has had a representative in Rome, and the continuance of this plan will enable valuable contacts between the Anglican Communion and the Roman Catholic Church. The Centre will be a place where Christians of different traditions can meet and come to know one another, and such personal knowledge and understanding plays a vital part in oecumenical work. 

Ecumenical dialogue

Find out all about the formal dialogues between the Anglican Communion and the Roman Catholic Church, and the role which the Anglican Centre has played in these.

The Chapel of St Augustine

The Chapel stands at the heart of the Centre's life. We say morning and evening prayer here each day and celebrate the Eucharist here each Tuesday.

The John Moorman Library

With 15,000 volumes, and a particular focus on Anglican and Roman Catholic ecclesiology, doctrine, and ecumenism, this is the largest such library on Continental Europe.

Courses, sabbaticals, and study visits

The Anglican Centre brings people from around the world to Rome, to gain a first-hand experience of the ancient and modern Christian city of Rome.