Vatican Conference on the Church and Composers  

1531307343301We are pleased to learn that a Conference on Church Music and Composers will be held at Lumsa University, Via di Porta Castello, 44, Rome, from 13-15 September 2018. The conference sets out to examine the role for the composer today in the musical life of the Church. A range of speakers - biblical scholars, liturgists, educationalists, theologians, musicians (including of course composers themselves) - will approach the figure of the composer in order to shed light on their pastoral and cultural contributions as well as to the needs and expectations of the Christian communities.

The three-day reflection begins with "Music and the Word" accentuating questions of memory, intelligibility and significance, then "Music and the Gospel" allows some individual and community life experiences to reflect on the impact of different musical and compositive styles, before a day on "Music and Instrument" offers a technical accent with focus on different sounds, culminating in the human voice.

The conference is aimed at representatives of episcopal conferences and religious orders, musicians, curators of liturgical music, associations and movements. 

More details, of the speakers arranged, and registration, can be found here.

Please note, this is NOT a conference organised by the Anglican Centre, and all enquiries about conference logistics should be addressed to the organisers through the link above.

Deputy Director, 17/07/2018