That the world may believe


As we celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the Anglican Centre in Rome, we give thanks for all that has been achieved through its unstinting and faithful commitment to the cause of promoting Christian unity in a divided world.
Planted as the smallest of seeds, blessed by the friendship of Archbishop Michael Ramsey and Pope Paul VI, and given as a gift to the whole Church, God has indeed given its cause growth, abundant growth.
So fifty years after its foundation, should we say this work is done? By no means. For if we say anything at all it is surely that the work of unity must continue for the sake of a world riven by disunity and conflict, and longing for peace. The Anglican Centre in Rome is called to strive to be an agent of God’s justice and peace in collaboration with our Roman Catholic brothers and sisters.
The Centre has always received support from those who are able to catch sight of the sheer beauty of unity through moments in which our poorest endeavours are transformed by God’s grace.
As we launch The Golden Jubilee Appeal to secure the Centre’s work for the future, we urge friends old and new, and all who care about the work of Christian unity, to join this remarkable and historic pilgrimage, in faith and confidence.
We have set ourselves an ambitious target of raising £5 million by 2020, the annual yield from which will put the Centre on a secure financial footing for the future.
We would be most grateful if you could support us in whatever way you can.

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The Most Revd David Moxon KNZM
Director of The Anglican Centre in Rome (2013 - 2017)


Staff Member, 12/01/2017