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Cyclists in ACR

On Saturday the Anglican Centre in Rome had the great privilege of hosting a reception for 41 riders with a support team of 8 from England who had biked across Europe to raise money for Cancer research under the aegis of the Inspired Living organisation. The cyclists had biked 1842 kilometres (1140 miles) from Winchester to Rome. They crossed the English channel, rode through France, over the Alps and came down to Rome via Turin, Bologna and Florence. This took two weeks of very demanding, sometimes dangerous biking.
The riders covered their own accommodation and costs so that money raised went direct to Cancer Research UK. Many in the group have been touched by cancer one way or another, through close family and friends, some were doctors and nurses or medical students. Some had lost people to cancer also. They are driven by the desire to promote healthy living while also raising money.
Cyclists-with-DM-speakingThe Anglican Centre hosted them as they finished their ride, congratulated them and prayed for them and their cause. This was so fitting since they had been prayed for and blessed at Winchester Cathedral as they set out. It was a most moving and inspiring experience and the people concerned are to be heartily congratulated and affirmed in their sacrifice , their commitment and their care. Ongoing prayers for the struggle against cancer and the healing progress we all seek.
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David Moxon, 05/09/2016