A great sign of hope in the fight against modern slavery


On Sunday the new UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, committed her government to lead international efforts to defeat modern slavery.

She declared:

"These crimes must be stopped and the victims of modern slavery must go free. This is the great human rights issue of our time, and as Prime Minister I am determined that we will make it a national and international mission to rid our world of this barbaric evil.

"Just as it was Britain that took an historic stand to ban slavery two centuries ago, so Britain will once again lead the way in defeating modern slavery and preserving the freedoms and values that have defined our country for generations."

Read her full statement here
GFN photocallThe Anglican Centre in Rome rejoices in this new declaration, consistent as it is with the joint declaration to abolish slavery signed by the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Pope, and many other world faith leaders in Rome on Tuesday the 2nd of December 2014. We were intimately involved in the construction of this declaration and hoped that faith leaders around the world would intensify their own advocacy for the pledges made in 2014.
Mrs May was raised an Anglican Christian; it is a cause for much thanksgiving that one of her first acts as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom should make such a priority in an area agreed by the world faiths to be an urgent and critical call for moral and political action.
It is also a great sign of hope that the Prime Minster of the country that passed a state-of-the-art Anti-Slavery Act so recently should also take such a personal interest in its implementation in this way.

David Moxon, 01/08/2016