Reconciled diversity in Rome

DM  GPIt was a privilege to welcome the Secretary of the British Methodist Conference, Revd Dr Gareth Powell, to a colloquium at the Anglican Centre recently (photo, right). The colloquium was attended by 19 people, and focused on the state of the Anglican Methodist Covenant in Britain. The presentation was unique in that it  was the first time Anglicans and Methodist had discussed their own quest for unity together, in front of and with Roman Catholic colleagues in Rome. Father Tony Currer of the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of Christian Unity was there, as well as Revd Professor Gerry Whelan SJ from the Gregorian University. We covered the ground of our common calling to mission, and looked at the challenges facing us in terms of mutual agreements about personal episcopacy and mutual recognition of ordained ministry . The term re-coined by the Pope just four days before of “reconciled diversity” helped us along , as did the call to walk together, even though we haven’t agreed on everything in dogma, we need to act as if we are one

Pictured here: DM GP NBHE Nigel Baker, Archbishop David Moxon, the Indonesian Ambassador to Italy HE Mr August Parengkuan and his wife, Revd Dr Gareth Powell,  Revd Dr Tim Macquiban, Methodist Representative in Rome and Minister of Ponte Sant’Angelo Methodist Church.

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David Moxon, 01/12/2015