Explaining the Anglican Primates’ Meeting

It is good news that Archbishop Justin Welby has decided to call a meeting of the Primates in January. This has been described in some parts of the media as a “crisis summit”. This misses the point. The reality is that we are over the crisis point – the moment when an illness could go one way or the other. We passed that many years ago. No province has declared formal schism and no province has created a body separate from the Anglican Communion. What we have, however, is an unresolved situation where we have not fully worked out all our relations with each other.

How can we learn to disagree well and continue to love each other and serve the common good?

To find a way forward is absolutely vital for the Anglican Communion internally, but also for our ecumenical relationships. We pray for the restoration of the full visible unity of the universal church, characterised by unity in diversity within the Anglican Communion and between the global churches. We need to find agreed ways of being together and agreed ways of working with other Christians coherently, despite our differences.

This Primates’ Meeting will, by the grace of God, help bring it about.

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David Moxon, 17/09/2015