Inspired to a ministry of healing and reconciliation

The Spirit is the energy and creativity and life-giving flow of the “Go-between God”. This means that we are always experiencing the flow of grace and power that is God in action, whether we feel it, or recognise it, or not. From the very first moment of creation this energising and transforming energy is flowing and swirling and creating. The Spirit hovers over the waters of chaos in the beginning of the formation of the earth, the Spirit moves in Moses and the prophets, the Spirit quickens divine life in Mary’s womb and the Spirit drives Jesus out into the desert and then into the waters of baptism. The Spirit comes down upon the seated disciples bringing momentum and cohesion out of confusion, inertia and despair .
This same Spirits fires the life of ecumenism today calling us to become one again, moving us to greater synergy for the sake of righteousness and justice. We are not here as the Anglican Centre in Rome under our own steam as it were, or for our own sake, but for the sake of something much bigger and much more significant: the coming in of the kingdom of God on earth. Soon the Anglican Communion will be thinking of the Anglican Centre in Rome in our liturgical calendars (on 31stMay). This will be a time for praying that the Spirit of God will be recognised and experienced more and more in the midst of our challenges and inter-church disagreements, as the “go between” reality, the personal initiative of God to reconcile and heal, in order that we may become a more unified witness to a world which desperately needs the reconciling and healing we have been entrusted to share.