With global synergy, what might we achieve? amanpour

For nearly a year I have been working with the Global Freedom Network (GFN) Board of Directors , Monsignor Marcello Sorondo and Andrew Forrest, in partnership with the CEO Antonia Stampalija, to make a signing of a Universal Declaration against Slavery possible, by the major faith leaders of the world. Today this finally happened. It was profoundly moving to see the world major faiths represented, and utterly united in this struggle against human trafficking and modern slavery. Each faith leader was so respectful of the others, and sensitive to the heritage and values that the other brought to the table. This was all hosted by Pope Francis, whose welcome and hospitality at the Vatican was deeply appreciated .
You can see the statement that was signed here as well as world-wide coverage by CNN. Our MC was Christiane Amanpour, the word famous CNN reporter.
If we are capable of this kind of global synergy against a global evil now, then the world can expect much more from us in the future. Who knows what we might be capable of in terms of the struggle against drugs, or war, or poverty?
I am so deeply grateful to God for this day, a day to remember, and a day to move forward from into God’s new creation.

(Photo: David Moxon, Christiane Amanour, Andrew Forrest, Bishop Sorondo, on the setting up of GFN earlier in the year.)
David Moxon, 02/12/2014