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Today,  July 30, is the first observance of A United Nations Day against Trafficking in Persons,  to hold before the world the plight of those who are enslaved or trafficked. As the Archbishop of Canterbury says in his statement released today it is so hard to believe that we need such a call to mind and a call to action in the world today. But slavery is rife and is thought to be growing . The Global Slavery index research compiled by the international Walk Free NGO, estimates the figures are as high as 29 million now. Modern slavery involves organised criminal groups who systematically exploit large numbers of people by forcing them into a life of abuse and degradation. Poverty, limited opportunities at home, lack of education, unstable social and political conditions, economic imbalances and war are the key driving force.
The Archbishop’s statement for today is now posted on his
website and that of the Anglican Communion, as well as the Global Freedom Network website . Go there now if you haven’t recently. The Anglican Centre in Rome is affiliated and strongly aligned  to this Global Freedom Network, see our ACR website, and we make every effort to strengthen this mission with Roman Catholics and other faiths around the world to rid the world of the global evil of slavery in this way.  what Pope Francis calls a crime against humanity. What does God require of us?  but to act justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with our God. To act justly is one of the great keys to God’s kingdom on earth:  think of Joseph sold into slavery in Egypt, think of the liberation of the people of Israel from slavery there, think of the New Testament vision of a world where there is nether slave nor free, but all are one in Christ Jesus.
On July 30th each year, the Church of England remembers William Wilberforce, Olaudah Equiano and Thomas Clarkson, and their work to end slavery.
Click here for the prayers set for that day.  

David Moxon, 31/07/2014