Seeking a fullness of communion

I am currently in South Africa studying in a youth convention centre outside Durban, surrounded by a game park. We have giraffes as our neighbours. It is the fourth meeting of the Anglican Roman Catholic Commission in its third phase (ARCIC III).

We are looking at how, in communion, the local and universal Church holds together: how the Church lives out the diversity and unity of the Body of Christ. This issue is huge challenge for us both. Here in our discussions we are finding that we enjoy a degree of communion even now as we are: We are one in Baptism; we are one in the Spirit; we are one in God.

BishopRubinAlthough this isn't eucharistic communion yet, we are not "out" of communion. We seek an increasing degree of communion. Ultimately we seek a fullness of communion which by God’s grace is yet to come.

There is much we can do to learn from each other and to grow together in mission. Here we met with the local Anglican Bishop Ruben (pictured right) who had suffered under apartheid and who said how much Roman Catholic solidarity had meant to him.

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David Moxon, 15/05/2014