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On Wednesday (26th), at Government House in Auckland I was part of the investiture ceremony recognising the knighthood conferred on me by the Queen in the 2014 New Year’s Honours. The Governor General of Aotearoa New Zealand Sir Jerry Mateparae conducted the protocols.
It was very moving for me to be accompanied by my family including my parents, who were both in wheelchairs owing to different temporary afflictions. It was a very quick trip home owing to work pressures in Rome, especially those around the modern slavery and human trafficking challenge we are shouldering with the Roman Catholics these days, through the newly created Global Freedom Network.
I was reminded in the ceremony that all knighthood came originally from the ideal of chivalry and service to the common good, and that knights tended to operate in groups, not alone. I hope this investiture serves some good purpose in those terms.
In many church circles this title is not necessary but it could be useful in certain circumstances. On that understanding I feel it is appropriate to respect the position and to offer it when it is needed.

(Sir) David Moxon, 26/03/2014