Called into a deeper unity

On Monday we announced the Global Freedom Network, a new way of working between Anglicans and Roman Catholics as well as other faiths and a fruit of building respect and friendship and the dialogues of the past 50 years. Now  we – in the words of the Archbishop of Canterbury – “find more profound ways of putting our ministry and mission where our faith is; and [are]  called into a deeper unity on the side of the poor and in the cause of the justice and righteousness of God.”
Here are a couple of interviewsamanpour

And some reactions we have received
  •  “Delighted to hear about this ecumenical venture.”
  • “Congratulations on this wonderful ecumenical accomplishment which will rescue some of the neediest of God's children. This is ecumenism at its finest!”
  • “Wonderful,  +David,  ground-breaking as you say.”
  • “This is super … Bravo!”
  • “Do you have the press release in French? I’d like to share it with our ecumenical partners here.”

Pray that all this will make a difference:   One Church for one world – God’s world – where everyone can walk free.

David Moxon, 20/03/2014